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Mathletes Online

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Target Audience:

For blog entry 3 I will be designing the website Mathletes Online, which aims to be a one-stop online mathematics resource for primary school kids and teachers. Mathletes Online will provide mathematical lessons, examples and formula templates, and activates for teachers to implement, and will also act as a secondary form of mathematics for struggling students or students that want to get ahead outside of the classroom.

This is an excellent opportunity to not only advance our school children’s mathematics further, help struggling students and teachers, but is also a fantastic way to integrate online-learning using technology into the classroom. Let’s get to know our audience.

Mathletes Online will be aimed at two main demographics:  Primary school children from looking to learn and practice mathematical concepts and teachers (teaching similar age groups) looking for lesson plans and work to supplement that done in the classroom. To cater for these two main groups the website content will grouped into two main sections and all content will be grouped under these two sections (excluding the sitemap). Children and teachers will be of different demographics, from different socio economic backgrounds and of different ages, however will all be learning/teaching the same content.

For Kids:

  • Online lessons to complete – these will be interactive online lessons with a video tutorial followed by a set of exercises to do which will be marked and can be re-attempted by students.
  • Examples and formulas – this section will contain examples of how to solve problems and formulas needed.

For Teachers:

  • Online lessons the teachers can assign their students to do either in the classroom or as homework.
  • Examples of problem explanations – if teachers are struggling to explain how to solve a problem with a particular student/students they can look at videos showing different ways of solving the problem to help better explain it.


Due to the similarities in the content of the two sections of the site they will be styled similarly with the teacher’s site having a few more options and customizability (in relation to what content they want to show/have students engage in). The site will feature a monochromatic blue colour scheme that is easy on the eye, cohesive and fun (for the children) and will appeal to both genders. Different more appealing and ‘fun’ fonts that are easy to read such as comic sans MS will be used in bigger sizes for the kids section so it is more appealing, whereas standard font and font size will be used for the teachers section to reflect the more mature, older audience using this section of the website.


The layout will be similar to this site (however more fun texts and images will be used, and it will be simpler to navigate for children):


On the site consistent items will include the header, footer and navigation bar. They will not change no matter what page you are on. Also, depending on what section you are on (kids or teachers) the font theme will be cohesive to its respective section.



These blueprints show how users are able to navigate the site. After entering at the Home page users are able to log in as either a student or teacher. After logging in they then have access to the respective sections content, for kids:

  • Online lessons to complete – these will be interactive online lessons with a video tutorial followed by a set of exercises to do which will be marked and can be re-attempted by students.
  • Examples and formulas – this section will contain examples of how to solve problems and formulas needed.

For teachers:

  • Online lessons the teachers can assign their students to do either in the classroom or as homework.
  • Examples of problem explanations – if teachers are struggling to explain how to solve a problem with a particular student/students they can look at videos showing different ways of solving the problem to help better explain it.

From any page on the website, the navigation pages in the nav bar (About Us, Contact us, home, log out ad FAQ). On each page there will be back buttons to give the user the option to return to the previous page of the site. As the blueprint diagram indicates, Mathletes Online is primarily hierarchical in structure – partitioning content into sections that will appeal to the site’s specific target demographics. Once logging into a section, that section then branches down into sub-sections of content to interact with.

Mathletes Online primarily utilizes a global navigation system implemented by a large, very visible nav-bar present on all site pages. There exception to this as each page has access to the nav bar, which makes navigating the site very simple. This had to be done as the target audience will include young children and maybe elderly teachers so making the site easy to use and navigate is critical for its success. Also allowing users to go back with the back button on each page, allowing the user to jump backwards, higher in the site hierarchy adds to this ease of use.




Metadata matrix and controlled Vocabulary:

When designing a website it is important to ensure that the use of a consistent vocabulary is present so the end user has clear and cohesive interactions with the site. This in predominantly imperative when creating and developing an educational website i.e. Mathletes Online, for schoolchildren as it guarantees that the information and instructions on the site are understood by the target audience even if they are familiar with the content or medium by which it is delivered. The controlled vocabulary is tightly integrated into the site’s use of terminology and Search query.







Methods of how to do mathematical problems

Multiplication, long division




A set of problems with a tutorial video to be completed

5 * 5 =
4 / 2 =




Completed math problems to help students understand

5 * 5
= 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5








Accepted Term

Variant Terms


Method, plan, equations


Example, task, homework


Instance, sample, definition


Plus, adding, add


Minus, take, subtract


Times, multiply, *


Divide, separate



Blog 2

1. The information architect:

An information architect is in charge of organizing, structuring and labeling the information on a website, therefore when it comes to their role in the creation go a website it is their responsibility to organize and label information and content, intranets, pages of that site, forums and other online features of the website.

according to the Web Style Guide, 3rd edition ( they need to complete tasks such as:

  • Organize the site content into taxonomies and hierarchies of information;
  • Communicate conceptual overviews and the overall site organization to the design team and clients;
  • Research and design the core site navigation concepts;
  • Set standards and specifications for the handling of html semantic markup, and the format and handling of text content; and
  • Design and implement search optimization standards and strategies.


#!%&: Creating Comic Books
$35 a Day Through Europe
.38 Special
1001 Arabian Nights
Albany, New York
El Paso, Texas
H20: The Beauty of Water
New York, New York
Newark, New Jersey
Plzen, Czech Republic
Saint Nicholas, Belgium
St. Louis, Missouri
The 1-2-3 of Magic
The Hague, Netherlands
The Lord of the Rings
XVIIme siècle

a) T

b) E

c) New York

d) After St Nicolas

e) Special characters first, followed by punctuation, then by numbers

f) group the book titles together

g) the books read could be groped together and the cities visited could be grouped together to chronologically to help the list make more sense



The site I chose to use was



Label Destination’s Heading Label Destination’s <TITLE> Label
Top-of-Page navigation system labels
News Redirects to the home page | News Online from Australia and the World | NewsComAu
Business business Business News | Latest Business &amp; Australian Stock market News |
Sport Sport Sport |
Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment | TV Guide &amp; Celebrity Entertainment News |
Lifestyle Lifestyle Lifestyle | Health, Home Ideas, Beauty, Relationships |
Travel Travel Travel | Travel Advice, Travel News and Holiday Ideas |
Realestate Realestate Realestate | Real Estate | Property &amp; Real Estate | |
Money Money | Banking, Superannuation, Investing, Property News |
Tech Technology Switched On Technology | Information, Gadgets, Mobile Phones News &amp; Reviews |
Video News Video: Rudd on Syria briefings
Body navigation system labels Redirects to home page | News Online from Australia and the World | NewsComAu
The Advertiser Redirects to The Advertiser The Advertiser | News | Breaking News Headlines Online | AdelaideNow
Perth now Redirects to Perth now Perth Now | Breaking News from Perth and Western Australia | PerthNow
The Australian Redirects to The Australian The Australian | Latest Australian National &amp; Business News | TheAustralian
The Courier Mail Redirects to The Courier mail The Courier-Mail | News | Breaking News Headlines Online | Brisbane Queensland | CourierMail
The Telegraph Redirects to the Telegraph | News | Breaking News Headlines Online | DailyTelegraph
Herald Sun Redirects to Herald Sun Herald Sun | Latest Melbourne &amp; Victoria News | HeraldSun
Bottom-of-page navigation system labels
Sitemap Sitemap Sitemap |
Photo Sales Error – broken link Error – broken link
Buy an article Welcome to newstext Newstext : login
Specifications Redirects to PDF file N/A
Advertise with us | News Corp Australia
Company Information | News Corp Australia
Privacy Privacy Policy Privacy Policy |
Terms of use Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions |
Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us |
Careers Redirects to Job Search with News Limited search results showing (External Website) News Limited Jobs

b) The label I did not like where the broken link, as it was broken. To improve this they could fix the broken link, or remove it.

c) All of the labeling used on was consistent, this was achieved through similar labels being grouped together, the use of drop down menus and similar style, presentation, syntax, granularity and comprehensiveness for all the labels were used.

c) After examining two similar sites (nine news, and sky news,

1 2

Both sites had very similar layouts to, nine news had slightly less organised labeling system that I didnt like as much, however Sky news had a very neat system and colour coding helped differentiate the drop down menus, making Sky news the winner.



Feed reader

Just a quick update, I’m changing the feed reader I use to Feedly. I find it easier to use and better the feeder for Google chrome

Blog 1

well, here are the questions and answers to week 2’s activity, Blog 1. I did it all one 1 blog because I am lazy:

1. About me

  • What degree are you doing? – The Bachelor of Information Technology, Gold Coast Campus. Majoring in Information Systems and Business Analysis.
  • How soon until you graduate? – 2 years after this year, As I only do 3 subjects a semester so I can work more and not be broke all the time.
  • What do you think this subject is about, and what do you hope to get out of it? – This subject seems to be about how to better organize and share information with others using web 2.0 technologies. I hope to get a better understanding of how to accomplish this and become familiar with web 2.0 technologies in case I ever need them in my future studies or career.
  • Have you ever maintained a blog before? – Not prior to this current blog, no.
  • What job are you interested in once you graduate? – Either Database administration/management or database design (both physical and logical). Maybe Business or systems analysis.

2. Feed Reader

I installed a simple feed reader in Google chrome, called ‘RSS Feed Reader’. So far using it has proved very helpful in keeping up with info from the sites or feeds that I have added. Instead or remembering to check sites for new content every now and then the RSS feed reader alerts me to when new content is uploaded. It is also helpful in allowing me to easily access the new content as all the alerts for the different feeds are in the one place.

However, there are a few drawbacks. If you are subscribed to several feeds like myself, and do not check your feed reader daily, the notifications can be overwhelming and build up very fast, sometimes it can become a chore to check these alerts and keep on top of them. Also, not all feed readers are the same, and to get some features you have to pay money to upgrade to a ‘pro’ version. If these features were important to the user then it would cost the user to have them.


3. Social network Terms of service

After reading the Facebook Terms of Service, I found out that the social network is capable of taking your information and details, likes and dislikes to create a very unique and individual marketing pattern solely aimed at you, everything you upload, like and interact with is being monitored, collected and analyzed by Facebook. This allows them to target you with advertising that you are more likely to interact with, thus creating Facebook more revenue (as its main income source is advertising).

After more reading, I found that everything you upload, i.e. Pictures, videos etc… which is referred to as IP (intellectual property) is actually owned by Facebook, and what is truly scary is that they reserve the right to basically do whatever they want with this content. Also, if you were to delete this content of Facebook, they don’t simply erase it, they keep a backup of it. This means that everything you have uploaded to Facebook is owned by them, they have the right to use it however they see fit, AND even if you delete the content, they keep a backup of it. Scary stuff.

Now, if there is a security breach of your Facebook site, say, someone hacked your account, Facebook has a system that monitors when and where you login from. If it sees a login that is deemed strange, if you log in on a regular device Facebook will inform you that there has been strange account activity. It gives you the option to end that activity, which in turn locks your account and starts a password recovery process. Also, a SMS system where a password is sent to your phone is available, thus making Facebook rather well equipped against hacking.

Personally, I do not like that fact that Facebook has access to, owns all of and can do whatever they want with my IP. It is my property, they are my photos, comments etc… and who knows what Facebook are doing with that data, however I was the one who didn’t read the terms and conditions when signing up so I only have myself to blame. It’s too late to do anything about it now as I have been signed up and posting for over 2 years. All I can do is hope that the information about me doesn’t get to someone with bad intentions.


4. Web 3.0

Currently, the web is made up of billions, if not trillions or more of only semi structured or even unstructured documents. In other words, it’s a mess. Web 3.0 technologies such as semantic web, aim to improve the way technology is able to interact with data on the web and deliver it to the end user. It allows people and technology to bond information together in new ways that will provide more in depth, related and meaningful results and information from the data available on the web.  It also provides information in a way much more easily understood and used by machines, requiring less human involvement when completing tasks on the web.

This is going to change a user’s experience in using the web, with machines more involved in processes. Imagine that instead of looking at holiday packages, looking at your google calendar, looking at weather predictions, your bank account and flights, your computer would be able to deliver all this information to you in a well presented manner, thus making booking a holiday far easier, requiring you the human, to do far less work. Interaction with the web and computers will become far easier, and more like interacting with another person there to help you.

However I don’t believe that this will blur the line of what humanity is. Whether technology becomes more advanced and helpful or not, at the end of the day it is simply a tool that is completely created and controlled by humans, a tool. Nothing more, nothing less.


Cold Mornings

So a few more followers today, I hope you enjoy what I put up. Only a short blog today, to complain really. Who in the hell ever thought or 8:00AM lectures?!

it was 10 degrees when I woke up, ugh. Not looking forward to these early starts.


The creation of this blog.

Holidays seemed to go in the blink of an eye, sadly. For the first task in this course, we were asked to create a blog (and join a facebook group). At first I was filled with apathy about doing this, it seemed like something that was going to be boring, a pain in my ass, a chore if you will.

However after creating it and posting 2 entries I’m coming to think maybe it isn’t going to be that bad. I guess time will tell. Anyway, with this done I can tick of the first week’s task for this subject completed. I hope you all enjoy, and for that matter I hope I enjoy this too.